BEM VINDO À Sunrise.Fly


Sunrise.Fly started the virtual business on the 25. January 2012 as TUIfly on HippyHappy Germany. For some reasons we changed the name on the 1. March 2013 to Sunrise.Fly. After the HippyHappy server closed its doors, we switched to FSCloud but started becoming active on other networks too.

Our homebase is Duesseldorf EDDL.
Sunrise.Fly has over 3.200 global routes. Our virtual airline doesn't have a real counterpart but we do have our own airfleet including the liveries.

Our Team, the "Sunrisers", is very international. We have pilots from all continents and we are very proud about this team.

Very best regards from the Sunrise.Fly homebase EDDL



Pilotos 17
Aeronaves da Frota 18
Rotas 3206
Pax total 931.236
Cargo total 91.901.740
Total de Horas: 11068
Total de Vôos 5017
Vôos Regulares 5017
Vôos Charter 0
% de Vôos Regulares 100.00 %


SUN555Patytech   LEPA  EDDL 2024-06-12 01:59
SUN555Patytech   LOWW  EDDL 2024-06-11 01:14
SUN555Patytech   EDDL  EDDB 2024-06-09 00:49
SUN289Roland Gottlieb   LFMN  EDLP 2024-01-24 01:46
SUN289Roland Gottlieb   LEPA  LFMN 2024-01-23 01:34


SUN6776-Matteo 2021-05-12
SUN289-Roland Gottlieb 2021-05-01
SUN495-Andreas Pohl2021-01-31
SUN217-Jimi Alexander 2020-12-21
SUN45-Reality 2019-10-11






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