As a member of Sunrise.Fly we ask you to respect the following simple rules.

  • Respect the rules of the network you are flying on (FSCloud, IVAO, VATSIM, etc.)
  • For tracking and reporting flights SIM ACARS or Icarus must be used explicitly
  • All flights must be flown in real time (no accelerated mode)
  • Flight rating is based on the handling of your aircraft, among other things the following points have to be respected
    • Usage of lights (Taxi, Beacon, Landing below/above 10000ft)
    • Speed limits (max 250kt below 10000ft, max 25kt taxispeed)
    • Landing VS below 650fpm
  • Leave a comment in the report for serious mistakes
  • Reports with a rating below 50% are rejected without any exceptions
  • Book a flight only if you intend to fly, reserving aircrafts is not permitted
  • Members without a flight in 3 months are considered inactive and may lose their membership

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